Cathedral of Praise

Cherie worked on this project for her church choir, Bishop Jerry L. Maynard Presents the Cathedral of Praise Choir, under the direction of Phil (Gtar Phil) Hughley, of which two nominations were received for Dove Awards, and two preliminary nominations for Stellar Awards. There are so many wonderful songs on this project. It is a must have in your music library! 


Some of the hit singles include: 

  • Just Believe featuring Michelle Prather

  • Clap Your Hands featuring Candy West

  • Let the Church Rise featuring Don Moen and Nia Allen

  • Get To That Place featuring Pamela Crawford

  • Orchestrate featuring Durward Davis

Soul Choir

Cherie began singing with Soul Choir about four years ago. They mostly minister to persons in prison, homeless shelters and programs, community events and some churches. Soul Choir has been in operation for over 10 years, under the leadership of Julie Branham, and looks forward to many more years of spreading God's love through music and song. A new project will be coming soon. To learn more, visit

Vision 2 Victory (V2V)

Cherie has been a part of V2V since the conception of the V2V conference created by Cedric Poellnitz (Ceddy P), and culminating first recording. She has been blessed to minister with the group primarily at church events, but has also assisted when background vocals were needed for special events and the studio. V2V will soon be recording another project, and Cherie is very excited to be a part of this effort.

About the Ministry


Theatrical Performances

Cherie first began working in plays at her home church years ago, and really enjoyed the experience. She had a dream of becoming a singer/actress/dancer . . . until, as she says it, realized she was in a Pentecostal family, and that was NEVER gonna happen! Cherie always had the love inside, but pretty much stepped away from it, until recently. She has been blessed to work in the following productions:

  • Shadows of Redemption – Mother Wells – Threshing Floor Productions (Agape Drama Ministry)
  • Love Don’t Love Nobody – Dr. Renee (Marriage Counselor) – Threshing Floor Productions (Agape Drama Ministry) - also reprised this role under the new company Isaiah 40:3 Entertainment Group
  • Black Gal, Can’t You See? – Mimi (Grandmother) – Threshing Floor Productions (Agape Drama Ministry)
  • Seasons: The Other Side of Through – Mother Wells – Threshing Floor Productions (Agape Drama Ministry)
  • His Yoke Is Easy – Dionne Marcus – Threshing Floor Productions (Agape Drama Ministry)
  • The Tea Party – Millie – Threshing Floor Productions (Agape Drama Ministry)
  • Crowns – Velma (main role, also 2 other roles) – SistaStyle Productions
  • In The Beginning – Dorcus (Angelette) – JOW Productions
  • Sanctified – Thelma, Clara (understudy), ensemble member – by Javon Johnson – presented by Kennie Playhouse Theatre (ongoing)
  • House of Harts - Ms. Smith - Destiny Theatre Experience
  • Holidays at Mama Dee's - Mama Dee - Destiny Theatre Experience
  • In Stitches - Sandra/Nurse - Chaffin's Barn - A Clash of the Playwrights Winner - A Comedy by Becky Wahlstrom

About the Acting


Cheryl (Cherie) Hall

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About the Work


Background/Studio Sessions 
Over the years, Cherie has been blessed to participate in several great musical projects. Some projects have been lesser known, but nevertheless, fun, fulfilling and rewarding experiences. 

Some of the Producers she has worked with include:

  • Roger Ryan
  • Marc Harris
  • Jerome Roberson
  • Keith Gunn
  • Michael "House" Broadhead
  • Kevin Stancil
  • Phil (Gtar Phil) Hughley
  • Cedric (Ceddy P.) Poellnitz
  • Peter Keys

Live Sessions
First and foremost, Cherie has always been a part of music ministry, and really can't imagine herself anywhere else. Gospel Music is definitely her foundation. But she believe God is in all music that provides a positive experience. Therefore, Cherie must acknowledge her love for Blues, Jazz, Swing, Big Band, Reggae, Latin, Country, Classical and pretty much everything in between!

In addition to participating in Praise and Worship background vocals, choir participation with local, community and regional gospel groups, as well as backing independent gospel artists, Cherie has also been blessed to provide solo work upon occasion. 

Background and/or Studio Opportunities

  • Andrae Crouch
  • Sandra Crouch
  • Carman
  • Pamela Armour and The Shop (tour in Italy)
  • San Franklin-Jackson
  • Joe Bradford
  • Bishop Jerry L Maynard
  • Efrem Payne
  • Angela
  • Kyla Jade
  • Renee Craig
  • Kim Stratton
  • Isaac Carree
  • Kurt Carr
  • Jonathan Cain (for Make-A-Wish)
  • Bryson Robinson (tours in Poland, Finland, Spain and Portugal)
  • Jaclyn Monroe
  • Chantéa Kirkwood