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Soul Choir of Nashville

feel the music, feel the soul.

Another ministry Cherie works with is V2V, under the leadership of Cedric Poellnitz, Sr., who is also the founder of CPP, Inc.



Vision to Victory (V2V)

One of the ministries' Cherie is a part of is Soul Choir of Nashville, under the leadership of Julie Branham. Ministry minded singers are always welcome to join us.

Music has always been a part of Cherie's life. From her early days in church, participating in high school chorus, singing with various groups and choirs, to recording and touring with various artists, singing is an integral part of who Cherie is. She has also evolved into a songwriter and arranger. Although gospel is her foundation, she enjoys all forms of music, and has a fondness for jazz/swing/big band. She is also an actress and voice over artist.

About Cherie

Cheryl (Cherie) Hall